Photography invests the image of the industry with a symbolic power and an ideological dimension that characterises the expectations of each era. Who would be the main consumers of Rosalface soap, in the image? Does Rosalface soap today attract the same group of consumers as in the mid-twentieth century?

40. Soap, Ach. Brito. 1947-1997. Teófilo Rego Archive, Casa da Imagem – Manuel Leão Foundation, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.


The promotion of industrial products uses photography as a privileged medium. It produces an image that gives visibility and affirms the industry and its products to its partners and investors, in addition to the consumer. In a globalised economy, in which several countries and cultures are linked, is there an advantage in using images rather than words in the communication of the industry?

41. Stand CUF (Manufacturing Union Company). 1947-1997. Teófilo Rego Archive, Casa da Imagem – Manuel Leão Foundation, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

Marketing and sales are visions and strategies used in the communication and promotion of final products. The commercial strategies are defined according to the business model and are therefore essential for brand recognition by its customers and for increasing market share. Marketing and communication plans are therefore vital in an industrial society characterised by seduction and hyper-consumption (Gilles Lipovetsky, 2014). Nowadays, the global brands consider the archetypical customer as its central target even though the marketing strategies are conceived as global. Products, slogans, images, logos are managed on a global scale with few local nuances, so as to enter the global market through global digital platforms, brands and outlets. These mega – or hyper-brands often bet on female empowerment or on the gastronomic tastes of a region, making profit from this sensitivity – as examples we can refer to female pink taxes, or the acceptance of body diversity. Thus, the marketing and sales of the commercial product is associated with corporate identity and with social experimentation.

In a wider perspective, industry itself promotes its centrality for economic growth through specialised events, industry it has its own marketing. The official podcast of the EU Industry Days gives us a glimpse into the EU’s industrial strategy, revealing the latest economic and technological trends, the challenges and opportunities for European companies.